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Erin Prendergast Wins THD Community Service Award For 2014

Doug Hawthorne makes annual Face-to-Face visit at Texas Health Dallas

by Jennifer Arend, Spl Communications Sr

 Town Hall

During the town hall, Doug took the opportunity to recognize four outstanding individuals at Texas Health Dallas who are making a great difference for our patients and community. Awards were presented to:

•Twyla Morris – Living the Mission Award

•Terry Murray – Helping Hands Award

•Andrew Faust – Patient Safety Star Award

•Erin Prendergast – Community Service Award

COMMUNITY SERVICE Award winner Erin Prendergast, B.S.N., R.N. founded the organization On Butterflies Wings to support women with breast cancer and to raise funds benefit the breast care program and new cancer center at Texas Health Dallas. She uses her amazing skills as a master gardener and her spiritual gifts of comfort to provide butterfly chrysalis baskets to patients battling breast cancer. These baskets include a chrysalis from Erin’s butterfly garden. She compares the lifecycle of the butterfly to the journey her cancer patients face after receiving their diagnosis. As a result of her efforts, thousands have been donated to the hospital foundation.

Erin is also an active school volunteer, developed a successful neighborhood association and she teaches teen Sunday school. She also provides services for the homeless at the Dallas Life Community Center, and has volunteered her time as a master gardener throughout the community.


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  • The Mission of Hope Continues …

    ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS continues to be blessed with volunteers who believe in the mission of HOPE! Today, 11-year cancer survivor and friend, Linda Alexander, presented ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS with hand-made, knitted hats that she made AND a box of various hats in different sizes and styles because hats were a very important part of her recovery. She says, "Each hat was made (including every stitch) as a gift back for every loving person who lifted her up" during her cancer journey. ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS will insure her hats and her heart❤️ are shared with love....
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