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Sherry Y June 15, 2014

Erin – Congratulations on this award! My husband and I are honored to know you and to hear your story. I was already grateful for your caring support during my biopsy and then it was so nice to see a familiar face when I showed up for surgery a few weeks later. Best wishes to you and we will support your organization now when we are looking for a unique gift for someone who needs a lift in spirits.

Joann June 15, 2014


I want you to know how much it meant to hear the voice of my angel yesterday morning with the news I was hoping for.

Thank you for your prayers and caring concern, I feel like I've known you forever.

Linda Bell June 15, 2014

I was given the thoughtful gift of the Butterfly Chrysalis Basket after the death of my Mother. Watching the butterfly transform & free itself, provided me the courage & hope towards a new transformation in my life. I saved some of the beautiful Roses that were given to my Mom from her Funeral. I waited for them to dry out, then arranged the roses in the moss covered basket. It symbolizes a very special Memorial for my Mom. I look at the arrangement & think fondly of her. It also helps me have faith that I can move forward & grow from this experience, just like the butterfly. Transition & change are difficult w/out the ones we love beside us. All of us need encouragement. The Butterfly certainly provided me w/a very special experience & it will always have a special place in my heart.

Millicent June 15, 2014

As always, Erin, you never cease to amaze me! You are what is considered a Phenomenal Woman! I am proud to have you as a friend, co-worker and big sister(so to speak)! Keep changing the lives of the people with your smile, your laugh, and your caring demeanor. And, what you are mostly know for…your caring spirit. Continue to bless the people and the lives you touch. Through Him everything is possible.

Stacy M. June 15, 2014

Thank you so much for being so supportive during my biopsy last summer. I was very nervous/scared and you made me feel so much more comfortable. You held my hand, gave me kleenex if I needed to cry and most of all were so kind and patient with me. I cannot thank you enough! Also – it was great to see you at my follow-up appointment today – good news – all is clear! Thank you and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help support your organization! Best wishes – Stacy M.

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    ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS continues to be blessed with volunteers who believe in the mission of HOPE! Today, 11-year cancer survivor and friend, Linda Alexander, presented ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS with hand-made, knitted hats that she made AND a box of various hats in different sizes and styles because hats were a very important part of her recovery. She says, "Each hat was made (including every stitch) as a gift back for every loving person who lifted her up" during her cancer journey. ON BUTTERFLIES WINGS will insure her hats and her heart❤️ are shared with love....
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